Taylor Snow

I do things with letters and words


The leaves have fallen
Like the navy’s bravest men
Or ghostly dancers


The top of the world
Only matters as long as
There’s family there


Feet level with head
Heart held onto the tarmac
The road sings of love


Letting go is all
We are guaranteed to learn
Once it is too late


Below her swift wings
The dragonfly leaves a path
Of fungi and leaves


Light is found in us
Likewise in our enemies
Physics does not change


When I speak about
Guidance and lighthouse fires
Consider space too


Take his hand, hold on tight and let the current pull
You away from this old mess, I’m just a worried fool
Take control and find a peace you couldn’t find before
No distrust or courage lost or dreams of mind control

Take his hand, hold it tight and leave the past behind
Walk away from all the lies and greener grass to find
Take this love with all your heart, forget the things they said
Sometimes stories are much better when they’re never read

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In the distance we
Can always see the coming
Of one more winter


The guild of fungi
Hotly debates the cause of
(1904, colorized)

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